Sail Upcycling Network, South West UK

Sailcloth is tough stuff - it's made from a number of natural and synthetic materials including cotton, polyester and nylon. It is sturdy and durable, being used for a life of adventure in storm force winds, high UV exposure and salty conditions.

While sails are often used for many years before being discarded, they are not formally recyclable and therefore end up in landfill.

We didn't like the sound of this!

Old sails can be made into new things, so we've started a Network to make sure old sails get re-used. We've started our project in the South West of the UK, with Sails & Canvas - the first of it's kind.

The first partner in our network is the super SKB Sails in Falmouth, Cornwall! 


Clean Sailors sail recycling project



How to recycle your old sails

Simply drop your old sails off at SKB Sails loft, free of charge!

Your sails will get collected and given a whole new life as bags, washbags and other products by our partner, Sails & Canvas.

Let's keep our old sails out of landfill!


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