We are sailors who love the sea.


Inspiring sailors as ocean ambassadors.

Clean Sailors POdcast


Clean Sailors

Mobilising our global sailing community as ambassadors for our ocean.

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Cleaner Marina

Supporting and championing cleaner practices across marinas, ports and harbours, globally.

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Clean Sailors Youth Racing Team

The champion youth racing team with a heart for our ocean.

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ReSail by Clean Sailors

Supporting second-life for all things sailing.

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We've teamed up with Northern Light Composites to launch the world’s first sustainable and recyclable Optimist dinghy for young sailors and sailing schools, globally, supported by OneSails and Swiss clean-tech company, Bcomp™.

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Supporting sailors to combat climate change by digitally mapping sensitive seabeds in boating hotspots around the world.

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Top tips for Clean Sailing

Mobilising our global sailing community in ocean conservation.


We share research and knowledge about the health of our oceans.


We inspire our global sailing community to join us as ambassadors for cleaner seas.


We go beyond identifying issues and provide ideas, answers and products that make sailing cleaner.

For our oceans, for our seas. We are Clean Sailors.