Meet our Crew

CJ Perez 🇺🇸


Born and raised on Oahu,Hawaii, CJ Perez began sailing when she was 13 years old. She has a competitive spirit and fast growth rate, snatching an Open Skiff World and North American Championship title within her first 3 years in the sport. Foil sailing in the WASZP class, she recently won the 2021 US National Championships.

CJ is the youngest person ever to join the SailGP league. She represents the United States SailGP Team.

CJ is a part of our Clean Sailors Youth Racing Team.

Charlie Hayward 🇬🇧


Charlie took up sailing relatively late compared to most. Starting off with Wayfarers as a teenager he then transitioned heavily to keelboat sailing and racing. He's sailed much of the UK's south coast waters alongside regular trips to the western Irish coast and Europe.

Lately, he's competed in some of the classic yacht racing events including Round the Island and St. Malo and back in 2015, successfully completed a 51-day, east-west crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat. It was during this voyage in particular that Charlie frequently saw man-made debris in the vastness of the world's second-largest ocean and vowed to help reduce the impact we have on our seas. Charlie works in impact investing and joined our team aligning his two passions - sailing and cleaning up our seas, with ours.

Erik Roscam-Abbing 🇳🇱


Erik has been sailing since his grandmother surprised his family with a wooden Vaurien dinghy when he was 8.

The little boat brought out a passion for boats and sailing that has stuck. Now an avid sailer in his 1971 Dutch design Nordia Sloop, Erik has joined clean sailors to combine his love for sailing with his deep respect for the the ocean and the life and lessons it brings.

When he’s not on the water, Erik is partner and innovation director at livework where he designs services and experiences in the sustainability domain.

At Clean Sailors, Erik focuses on engaging with the Dutch sailing community. Also he will work on services that help sailors support marine ecosystems to mitigate the risks of climate change.

Erik lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with his kids Marin, a sail instructor and Roos, a fanatic laser Bahia sailor.

Hannah Stodel 🇬🇧


Hannah is a three-time World Champion and four-time Paralympain sailor. She grew up in the East of the UK and learned how to race from her parents, both fierce competitors: Mum narrowly missed out on selection to the 1988 Olympic Games in Korea while Dad was a strong player on the Hornet and 505 circuits.

By 13 years old Hannah had attracted real attention. Dame Ellen MacArthur took Hannah racing aboard the trimaran “Foncia Kingfisher” during the Round the Island Race in 199 and at 15 the call from Andy Cassell, the Atlanta 1996 PARALYMPIC Gold medalist in the Sonar class, came, inviting her to go and train with him. 

She held the mixed World Championship title in the 29er class, and actually viewed disabled sailing as the weaker option until this point. Selection for the Sonar Development Squad and work with some of Britain’s finest sailors, coaches and support staff saw her win multiple World, European and National Championships over several sailing classes.

Hannah now has her eyes on the Vendée Globe 2024, and on becoming the first ever disabled sailor to compete in the gruelling non-stop, single-handed round the world race.

Holly Manvell 🇬🇧

Founder and Skipper

Like many, Holly's first taste of sailing was in the Optimist. Capsizing (repeatedly) in cold reservoir water however, wasn't something she relished, and so over the years switched to keelboat sailing.

Holly is a keen sailor with many nautical miles under her belt. Combining her passion for oceanography and geography, and love for sailing, she set up Clean Sailors to engage fellow sailors and water-lovers in safeguarding the future of their passion – the sea.  

Holly's interest in our world has seen her work with various international development organisations on climate, population, and air and water quality. Her core background is in business, from private-equity ownership to listed companies, and she's an Ocean Conservation Trust Advocate and Henri-Lloyd Pioneer.

Jann Schüpbach 🇨🇭


From a very young age, Jann was sailing a small family boat in the Swiss Alps. He soon took over the helm and began sailing competitively in the Optimist class. After a successful time in the Opti and several national and international podiums, Jann continued his sailing path in the 420 Dinghy, as Crew. He is currently training in the WASZP, preparing for the European and World Championships, alongside our 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup 2022 campaign.

Jann is a part of our Clean Sailors Youth Racing Team .

Lukas Hesse 🇩🇪


Lukas is a professional sailor and German Champion 2020.  As well as training for Olympic campaigns and more recently training in the WASZP and 69F dinghies, Lukas has a passionate interest in protecting our oceans.

Lukas started sailing Optimists at the age of six, on the beautiful Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany and has been hooked ever since. 

As an Opti sailor, Lukas achieved 7th at the Worlds in 2013 and was awarded Second Best Nation. He then graduated to 29er boats, taking part in the World Sailing Youth Worlds in New Zealand. In 2017 he started a 4-year campaign for the Olympic Games in the 49er.

Lukas is currently training for the 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup and the WASZP Worlds. 

Marta Musso 🇮🇹


Marta was born by the sea. She grew up playing around rocky shores and pontoons, where all sorts of critters hide, from simple shore crabs to colourful nudibranchs and feather duster worms which look like blooming flowers. After her first ever dive she decided to be a marine biologist and fell in love with the micro world of plankton essential to life in and out of the ocean yet, poorly known. She now shares all she knows about the world of sea drifters through her project "Possea", Pos(sea)ble or post of the sea, spreading awareness about the ocean and its creatures, and the importance of protecting our blue planet.  

Mo Funani 🇿🇦


Mo hails from the beautiful ocean-side city of Cape Town, South Africa. He’s a keen sailor and co-founder and director of Offshore Yacht Services. 

Mo is an L26 Class Association of South Africa committee member responsible for growing and promoting sailing within the Western Cape. He’s really interested in how science and technology is used to develop handicap systems in racing, and he’s on the path to become a recognised Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) measurer. 

Mo’s passion is in ocean health and helping to inspire others in cleaning up our seas. 

Paddy Hutchings


Paddy Hutchings is a 21-year-old sailor from Plymouth and from an early age, grew up sailing around the South West. He is a keen advocate for our oceans and seas.

After finishing his A levels he competed on the world stage, representing Great Britain and teams such as Team Malizia and Pip Hare Ocean Racing - both very well established "around the world" racing teams. After gaining experience and sailing with these teams, he confirmed his entry into the legendary Solitare Du Figaro, a gruelling offshore race taking place around the French coast for over 2500 nautical miles in August 2022. The Solitaire Du Figaro attracts the world's best sailors and is a huge event in the sailing calendar worldwide.

Sandra Marichal 🇫🇷


Sandra has sailed over 30,000nm on the Clipper Yacht Race 2019/20 on UNICEF UK and authored 'The Round the World Wanderer' - a children's book inspired by her adventures. She is very passionate about environmental protection and impact investing. 

Sandra founded #Up2degrees, a movement that successfully lobbied the Singaporean government to reduce the impact of aircon. As a UN Women Ambassador, she has been on expeditions to Antarctica and raised thousands of dollars to support women in rural communities who are the first victims of climate change. 

Her core interest is in upcycling and recycling, and how we can reduce the impact our sailing industry has on our oceans and wider environment.