5 minutes of our time to help change our world.

 NASA image Earth from space



Whilst every day might be Earth Day over here in camp Clean Sailors, today is OFFICIALLY Earth Day - the day when we all, all over the world, share our support for this beautiful planet we call home.

Rather than talk about Clean Sailors, we want to celebrate today by drawing your attention to some great petitions going on by some other fantastic organisations who are helping to shape a better home for us all.

So, join us!

1. Click the links below

2. Sign!  


Every name counts, as we can all help make a change and help determine the future of our Earth and our home 💪🌎

It takes just 5 MINUTES! 



Let's GO! 


Click and sign to help...




For cleaner seas and a healthier planet.

Happy Earth Day, Sailors!

- Clean Sailors Crew