Finsulate stands behind Clean Sailors movement

Finsulate stands behind Clean Sailors movement

Clean Sailors supported by Finsulate

We are excited that Finsulate stands behind the Clean Sailors mission!

With millions of tonnes of microplastics being added to our oceans every year from our antifoul paint, innovation and cleaner solutions across sailing and our marine industries are much needed in order for us to achieve cleaner, healthier waters.

Dr. Rik Breur, founder and director of Finsulate, has created a biocide free alternative to anti-foul paint with the aim of reducing the chemicals and microplastics that enter our waters each year from our boats and ships.

"We are super excited to have Finsulate standing with Clean Sailors - a team, a vision and an innovation as obsessed with cleaner waters as we are. Exciting, humbling and inspiring for us and the wider sailing and marine industries that better, healthier solutions are both possible and accessible." says Holly Manvell, Clean Sailors founder.


For more about traditional antifoul and its impact on our waters, read more here: 'Anti-fouling: Things we should know about treating our bottoms.'



About Finsulate

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Finsulate provides an biocide-free antifoul solution, helping to keep our waters chemical and microplastic free. Based in the Netherlands, Finsulate was founded by Dr. Rik Breur, European Inventor of the Year, 2019.


 About Clean Sailors

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Clean Sailors is not-for-profit, mobiliising the global sailing community in conservation of our oceans.

Launched in July 2020 and with a clear focus on sea, science and sailing, Clean Sailors is founded on the understanding that sailors love the sea, and works to encourage sailors all over the world in accepting their role as guardians of our oceans.  

With a core Crew based the UK and Europe, Clean Sailors raises awareness of ocean conservation issues through research and partnerships with leading, front-line organisations, and shares practical tips and resources on more sustainable sailing practices, thereby setting a new standard of sailing and sailor.

The Clean Sailors Crew are led by Holly Manvell, a keen sailor and advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment.