Clean Sailors and Borrow A Boat rep clean sailing at SOTON

Holly Manvell, Clean Sailors and Matt Ovenden, Borrow A BoatBorrow A Boat CEO, Matt Ovenden and Clean Sailors founder, Holly Manvell took the stage last week at Southampton International Boat Show to present the importance of clean sailing and chartering to visitors. 

Having announced their partnership in July, Holly and Matt highlighted the importance of clean sailing and clean chartering, as the first introduction of many sailors to our waters. 


Holly Manvell of Clean Sailors presenting at Southampton International Boatshow


In May 2021, Borrow A Boat and World Sailing Trust also launched a sustainable guide to boating which was highlighted in their presentation, alongside findings and visuals from Clean Sailors' expedition with Sail & Explore Association, studying microplastics in the Azores over Summer 2021. 


Clean Sailors Holly Manvell and Matt Ovenden Borrow A Boat at Southampton International Boatshow