Meet our Crew


Scientific Lead

Libby leads our team on Science, helping us to understand and communicate the real impact we are having on the world around us. She's a Master in Oceanography, has done several research studies on microplastics AND is a champion sailor. By 13 years old, Libby was competing in sailing across the UK and became the youngest ever person to win a National Championship race in the double-handed Enterprise dinghy class. Libby is also a sailing and paddleboard instructor who teaches her students as much about protecting the marine environment, as mastering their boat or board.



Holly is responsible for the running of Clean Sailors. She has a keen interest in environmental science and oceanography and is an advocate for the protection of our ecosystems, particularly where water and air quality are concerned. With over a thousand nautical miles of sailing under her belt, a core background in business and experience with United Nations Association, United Nations Global Compact and various other international development organisations, Holly set up Clean Sailors to engage sailors and water-lovers in safeguarding the future of their passion – the sea.


Hon. Treasurer

David is responsible for ensuring our financial position stays tip-top. His background is in environmental engineering and waste management consultancy, with a relentless focus on better disposal of our rubbish. Once a keen Fireball racer, David has sailed thousands of nautical miles and has some hair-raising sea stories, too. He loves nothing more than spending time on the water and is currently planning a lazy circumnavigation of our globe.


Marine Innovation Lead

Famke is our our in-house environmental scientist with enthusiasm for everything that has to do with the environment, climate and being in nature. She grew up on an organic farm in the Netherlands and learned from a young age the importance of being aware of our impact on our surroundings. Alongside studying, she lives on a sailboat where she spends many hours building and working onboard. After realising the impact the boat industry has on the environment, Famke felt the strong urge to look for more sustainable alternatives. She is passionate about making the shipbuilding industry more sustainable, by looking at more ecofriendly products and ways to build and renovate sailboats.



Hailing from Norway, Sara helps to put our Clean Sailors strategy into action. She's an engineer-in-the-making and lives on a 52 foot Beneteau, having sailed over 1000 nautical miles to date. As well as sailing, Sara loves to ski, hike and freedive and explore the world under water. Her interest in protecting our ocean, ecosystems and finding sustainable solutions for our environment has inspired her to help us spread the clean sailing word to other sailors, and to make her own positive impact on our oceans, along the way.